Venetian Blinds

Aluminium Venetian blinds are a cost effective choice for any home. They come in a large range of colours and can be tilted to filter light according to your preference. Because of their thin profile they stack up neatly thereby not impairing your view when pulled up.

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Bamboo Blinds

All my bamboo blinds are imported from the East. This is versatile product and can give your home a Balinesian / rustic and even a formal look, depending on your taste. One of the great values of these blinds is the fact that they can create a shaded area in your living space, and at the same time are also semi-translucent which creates a very tranquil atmosphere in your home. Available in block-out for bedrooms.

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PVC / Wood – 50mm Blinds

One of my personal favourites – available in a range of natural colours aswell as white. White will give your home a clean and airy Mediterranean feel. This colour is extremely versatile, suits most spaces and can make your living area seem much larger if required. All the stained darker colours can make a boring wall colour come to life and change the look of an entire room. Aesthetically one of the most pleasing blinds. This product gives off very clean lines and has an awesome play on light. You can filter the light accordingly with the slats facing either down or up. Light can be guided towards the ceiling or directed directly into your lounge or blocked out entirely when required. I have done a lot of entire homes in these Venetian blinds.

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Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are often associated with the workplace but this extremely cost effective product can also look great in your home. I have a wide variety of samples and will give you guidance to ensure the colour and fabric suits your surroundings and enhances your environment.

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Roller Blinds

A very practical and versatile blind. Although this product does not give you the option to filter light as a Venetian blind does, there are lovely fabrics with a semi-translucent look that allow just enough light to pass through the fabric adding a lovely ambience to a room. Block out is great for infants and childrens rooms as these are extremely easy to operate.

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Outdoor blinds Durban

Outdoor Blinds

We have a variety of outdoor blinds. On of our favourite products are shearwaeve blinds,

Shearwaeve blinds, the fabric used for these blinds is imported from Australia, this product has become extremely popular and offers great protection from the wind and sun protecting your furniture from fading and allowing you to entertain in hot windy conditions keeping your entertainment area cool,on cold nights the blind will keep you a couple of degrees warmer, they will not stop all rain but will dissipate the rain,they create a lovely fresh look to your outside entertainment area, and are very translucent so your view will not be spoiled when they are let down.They have a fire retardant as well as an algae retardant.

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Our shutters are manufactured from basswood and are of the finest quality. Basswood is harder than Abachi wood which commonly used for all wooden shutters. However the problem with abachi wood, is that it is very prone to wood borer. Our basswood shutters come with a lifetime warranty against wood borer and we are willing to give all our costumers a signed certificate to certify this guarantee.

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Panel Blinds

Panel Blinds are a neat, practical and modern way to cover large openings such as sliding doors. It creates a minimalist look and can be manufactured in a variety of materials. Each panel can range between 350mm wide to 1000 mm wide and the panels stack neatly behind each other just by the pull of one drawstring, so as not to take up any room in your living area.

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