Keeping Your Windows in Top Shape: The Top Window Treatment Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Window Treatment Cleaning

Window treatments keep the sun out and they also help you enjoy privacy in your home.

Whether you use blinds or curtains, it’s important to know how to care for your window coverings so they not only look great, but they also last a long time.

This handy guide will give you some helpful tips for the best window treatment cleaning options for any room.

Blinds and Window Treatment Cleaning

For homes that use blinds to cover the windows, cleaning them can be a bit tricky. Just like curtains, you should vacuum them often using the brush attachment to remove dust and debris.

You may also use a soft duster to help keep your blinds clean. Remember to dust or vacuum in an upward motion or the blinds could become unhinged which may cause damage.

If you need to do some spot-cleaning, follow these steps;

  1. Use an all-purpose cleaner

  2. Spray it onto a dry cloth 

  3. Wipe the stained or soiled area of the blind only

  4. Never spray anything directly onto your blinds


Wooden blinds can be wet, but they should never be soaked. Fabric blinds can be taken for dry cleaning if they’re in need of serious care.

For metal blinds, you can take them outside and lay them flat on a soft surface. Mix a small amount of dish soap with some lukewarm water, and use a car-washing brush to scrub them clean.

Always brush your blinds in a side-to-side motion. Then, turn them over and repeat the same process to get the opposite side clean.

You can drape your blinds over a fence outside or on the couch to allow them to dry completely before hanging them.

Curtain Care

If you use curtains to cover your windows, maintaining them is easy. You can keep curtains cleaner with regular vacuuming as part of your everyday cleaning routine.

Always use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum when removing dust and dirt from curtains. Some fabrics can also be tossed in the washing machine, which makes Window Treatment Cleaning even easier.

Your curtains should include a care tag, just like you would see on your clothing. Follow the care recommendations listed so you can be sure you don’t damage the curtains.

Some curtains made of heavier fabric can be steam cleaned which will shorten the required drying time. Remember that light-coloured fabric will show dirt and stains much more easily than darker curtains.

Putting curtains in the dryer can cause them to shrink or wrinkle. Instead, hang them and allow them to air dry for best results. This will help the creases to fall out, and you can always iron them if needed.

Window Cover Cleaning Made Easy

With these easy Window Treatment Cleaning tips, you can ensure that your curtains and blinds look fabulous all year round. Implement a good maintenance plan that includes regular dusting or vacuuming to ensure they stay in great condition.

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